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Be Mindful - Be Grateful - Be Kind - Be Yourself

Our Mindful Teens Offering is On Hold for 2023

An evidence based program, teaching teens aged 13 -18 simple yet effective skills to relieve the pressures of teenage life - improving focus and resilience; and reducing: anxiety, emotional reactivity, feelings of overwhelm, volatility, depressive relapse and the impact of living with chronic ill health or chronic pain.

About The Course

Who Can Participate?

Teenagers aged 13-18 who are having difficulty managing stress in any aspect of their lives including stress related to school, home, relationships, medical conditions and mental health conditions (such as depression or anxiety).

What to Expect

MBSR-T takes a full mind body approach, focusing on the whole person, in a supportive group setting, with a highly-experienced teacher. Participants will engage in activities to:

  • Explore stress and the role stress has in life

  • Allow for foundational mindfulness development

  • Focus on building social skills, communication, and relationship development

  • Improve emotion regulation and experience situations with less emotional reactivity

  • Learn effective strategies for making better choices

  • Increase kindness and compassion for self and others

This will be facilitated through exploration of:

  • Mindful movement exercises

  • Mindful meditation practices to encourage relaxation and awareness

  • Self-reflection through journaling, worksheets, group activities and discussion



“It has allowed me to understand I can control my stress and it has given me the tools to do so. It has impacted my life hugely and I can now deal with things better at school and home."

“This course has helped me deal with all the stresses and worries I have in my life.” 

“It has helped me to be kind to myself and find the happy more amongst my worries. I love finding my better self in mindfulness.”

“The course has allowed the intensity of my anxious bouts to decrease dramatically..”

“The meditation course helped me alter my mind-set and enabled me to approach stressful aspects of life with a positively calm mentality”

“It has significantly reduced my stress for things in the future and I am now more calm and relaxed for upcoming events and I have learnt to ground myself when I am stressed.”

Where can you access a Mindful Teens course?



This course is ran on demand and 8 registrations are required for the course to proceed.

The Mindful Teens Online Public 6 Week Course

4.30pm to 6pm.


COST $180

Discounts for Concession Card Holders

Please be in touch if you are interested in this option.


The Mindful Teens 6-Week Course can be offered in your school, with each class running for 50 minutes,. The timing can be shortened to accommodate your schools standard class period.

Alternatively a one off, 50 minute, Introduction to Mindfulness for Teens is also possible.

Please be in touch if you would like to find out how to bring the Mindful Teens Course into your school.

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