Our Offerings

At Mindful EAS all our programs are taught by our Founder, Karen Haddon. Our programs are   in depth, face to face, mindfulness education and support for children, teenagers and adults, in schools, community settings, sports clubs and workplaces in Western Australia.


Karen offers in-depth programs which allow you to immerse yourself in learning mindfulness and meditation practices relevant to daily life, allowing you to experience the true depth of the practices in a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment. 


Karen has trained in multiple national and international mindfulness in schools curricula and giving her an in-depth knowledge of multiple evidence based mindfulness in schools programs.

She offer's Professional Development and Staff Well-being Workshops in Schools, tailored to your needs.


With tow teens of her own, Karen knows first hand to complexities faced by Teens in 2020.

Her Mindfulness Teens programs for 13-18 year old's, teach teens simple yet effective skills to relieve the pressures of teenage life.


Karen has a wealth of experience in delivery of effective Mindfulness programs within workplaces and with elite sport teams. Her adaption of evidence based mindfulness programs for these  environments encompasses staff well-being and performance enhancement. Providing tools to enable participants to tap into their optimal human potential.


Please be in touch if you'd like to find out how to work with Karen in your workplace or Sports team.