About Us

Mindful EAS was established  by Karen Haddon in 2016 to offer mindfulness education and support to anyone who may benefit, no matter their age, education, health status or personal circumstances. For over 20 years, Karen has benefited from the application of mindfulness practices in her everyday life and has seen first hand the transformation in those who choose to make mindfulness practices a part of their own lives.

Karen believes this secular mental skills training should be available to everyone.

Karen Haddon

Founder of Mindful EAS

Karen is a formally qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, based in Western Australia. Karen teaches MBSR in the not-for-profit, health and community sectors and delivers professional development mindfulness related workshops in schools, business and the elite sport sectors.


She feels incredibly fortunate to have lived the benefits of a regular mindfulness and yoga practice for over 20 years and for the extensive teachings she has received in both secular mindfulness programs and in traditional meditation from many eastern scholars.


Karen has undertaken, post-graduate studies in organisational behaviour, human resource management and psychology, as well as extensive studies into the teaching and applications of mindfulness for various different cohorts. She has enjoyed a long career in people and business management, across the corporate, small business and not-for-profit sectors.


Practicing mindfulness and yoga daily, coupled with her work and academic experience, Karen has the skills necessary to support, engage and excite people, young and old, about the practices, benefits and the how and why of making mindfulness a part of their everyday lives.


A mum of two young adult daughters, Karen is bringing the benefits of mindfulness to young people through her work in schools, the community and NFPs. Karen is formally qualified to teach the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens program developed by Gina Biegel in the US; and  two international mindfulness in schools curriculum’s, MiSP .B and Mindful Schools. She delivers workshops in the education and business sector on behalf of Smiling Mind and teaches MBSR to the general public on behalf of Openground.

Truly passionate about sharing the benefits of mindfulness with others, Karen draws her inspiration from witnessing the positive effects establishing a regular mindfulness practice has in the lives of those who choose to make mindfulness a part of their everyday lives.

Committed to offering the highest standard in mindfulness training and adherence to strong ethical and professional standards, Karen only delivers programs validated by scientific research. To support this, she regularly engages in professional development, stays abreast of the latest advances in mindfulness research and neuroplasticity, has regular peer supervision, maintains her own daily mindfulness practice and attends silent mindfulness retreats annually.

Karen is a senior member of the Meditation Association of Australia and holds a current National Police Clearance Check and Working with Children Check.

Karen would like to offer thanks to and acknowledge the many teachers who have influenced her own mindfulness practice and the way in which she shares mindfulness with others. It is through their generosity, in offering teachings and retreats, that Karen is able to provide mindfulness courses to those who may benefit. Please see the link here acknowledging many of her teachers and a document here with a more extensive list of her training and retreat experience.