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Mindfulness in Schools in Western Australia

At Mindful EAS our Founder Karen Haddon has an in-depth knowledge of multiple evidence based, trauma informed, mindfulness in schools programs. Karen would be happy to speak with you about the differences in these programs and to assist you to choose the right Mindfulness program for your classroom or school.

Since 2016, in her work with Smiling Mind, Karen has facilitated mindfulness based workshops and 6 week programs, with teachers from over 150 different schools across Australia, from our major cities to remote locations like Alcoota in the NT and Norfolk Island and has even engaged with teachers from a school in Canada.

Karen offers Professional Development and Staff Well-being Workshops in Schools.

Please see our Mindfulness at Work offerings and feel free to be in touch if you would like to find out more.

Smiling Mind Education Program

Smiling Mind is modern meditation for all ages. Karen Haddon, is a facilitator for Smiling Mind workshops for both schools and organisations in Western Australia.

Smiling Mind have many resources to support both students and teachers in bringing the Social and Emotional Learning benefits of mindfulness into your school.


We invite you to take a few minutes to view this video produced by Smiling Mind












To find out more about Smiling Mind or to organise an information session at your school or workplace:


Mindful Schools 8 Week Program

The Mindful Schools curriculum was developed in the US by Mindful Schools  providing a full mindfulness curriculum.

The curriculum is delivered over a period of 8 weeks, in the classroom setting, by a skilled mindfulness teacher. Each weekly session is just 15 minutes, with time for an explanation of the practices being introduced in that week, the science and concepts behind the practices and the opportunity for students to engage in the practice. Students and teachers are invited to do a specific short daily practice between each weekly class, in order to build their mindfulness skills, empowering them to bring mindfulness into their everyday lives..


This program has now been taught to over 750,000 students and has proven to make a positive difference to the mental well-being of students even in the most difficult schools in the US.

We encourage you to take the time to watch this short video developed by Mindful Schools:


MISP.b is a 10-week course for young people aged 11-18, delivered to students in the classroom or in small groups within other youth-related settings. Each week a distinct mindfulness skill is introduced using images, animations, didactics and experience of mindfulness practices making the content relevant to students lives. Practices include being still and watching the breath, becoming aware of sensations in the body, noticing thoughts, learning about emotion regulation, mindful movement, some teachings in neuroscience and how mindfulness affects the brain. After each lesson students are invited to do home practices of mindfulness techniques with the assistance of animations and audio recordings.


.b provides students with a taste of mindfulness and participation in the mindfulness practices can lead to very positive outcomes including: feeling calmer and more fulfilled; able to concentrate better and able to deal better with stress and anxiety.

We invite you to take a few minutes to view this video produced by MiSP.

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