What people are saying about courses

with Karen

Lina (2018)

This is the best thing I’ve ever done…I think everyone should do this course…I’m telling everyone I meet…


A fantastic experience, fantastic instructor and a really good group of people…

Patrick (2018)

I have an increasingly beneficial relationship with meditation…I always feel 100% better following the classes.


Karen has a beautiful way of teaching…I now have a greater depth of knowledge about stress and the brain and have learnt how to be more responsive and less reactive in life.


I reconnected with my body and took back control of my life, with a sense of how minor subtle things make a major difference to the quality of my life.


Karen was a wonderful facilitator…calming, knowledgeable...I’d highly recommend the course to others…for learning how to slow down, bring awareness to reactivity and habitual thoughts, how to accept yourself just as you are…


I’m now able to regulate my emotions within relationships and have tools to draw upon to bring calmness into my busy life.

Michael (2017)

I came to the course with no real idea of what to expect. I learned how to spend less time in my head, and listen to the quieter voices in my heart, which know better what’s really important to me…Karen, thank you so much, you are a wonderful facilitator.

Rachel (2017)

…I now have less guilt and more life direction and acceptance …my auto pilot has stopped and the world is a great place, not always perfect, but I am accepting of that

Angela (2017)

The course was life changing. There are very few moments in life that create significant shifts in your brain to bring balance to one’s life but this course offered this and a great deal more. Our fast-paced world would be a better place if everyone practiced this regularly.

Marie (2017)

I I loved the whole course, it was so well run and the materials are excellent. I have completely re-framed how I view my recovery from a chronic health problem. It has been a pivotal life event for me and will ripple through the rest of my life.

Ava (2016)

...we...were incredibly privileged to have Karen as our instructor. Her personality, and importantly her gentle, kind and compassionate manner held us together as a group. Karen allowed us to learn at our own pace...Karen's clear depth of knowledge and experience in the area was so gratefully appreciated. ..."

Marie (2017)

I came to the course with a small amount of meditation experience so I had high expectations. But these were far surpassed. The benefits of this course will stay with me for life

Jane (2017)

I have tried a lot of different things to tackle my stress and anxiety and what has developed into depression. I am feeling much more empowered now and looking forward to maybe developing myself to a point of not taking medication. I am aware this won’t be overnight, but prepared to tackle it with a sense of knowledge I can achieve it!

Belinda (2017)

I’d absolutely recommend this course to others. Karen was awesome. I’m now managing grief, anxiety and stressful moments better

Breoni (2017)

I found the exercises in class that demonstrated how mindfulness impacts me the most useful part of the course. Its improved all areas of my life and really helped me reduce stress and worry.”

Susan (2016)

I believe that MBSR is so important for ones health that it should be promoted widely; in schools, hospitals, work places…It should be shared with everyone. It has the potential to change the world.

Robyn (2016)

Previous to learning the practices I was extremely stressed out, with over commitment issues. I learnt exercises to take the emotional aspect and drama out of situations, and still validate and process these situations in a healthy way… The course has given me hope that I can change unhealthy life choices and responses and just be here, present, with awareness and its ok to just be me.

Kevin (2016)

The mindfulness course arrived at a time of need. I recommend the course to everyone. It is transformative.”

Participant (2016)

I really enjoyed Karen’s voice and gentle instruction and guidance to find the benefits for myself…I gained skills to tune into my emotions and reactions and stay engaged rather than withdrawing and becoming detached. I’m now more present and engaged.